Intelligent Customer Experience & Service

Intelligent Customer Experience & Service


Today’s pace of innovation is extremely fast, and it is not easy for companies to make clear decisions on what to pursue and with what level of priority. And yet, the technologies, ideas, methods, and approaches that – at a certain point in the future – will seem “disruptive” are already here and available. The challenge is to understand how to use them to create a competitive advantage.

Our research has revealed that the leading companies in each country, have made significant progress in the way they use “future” technologies and approaches to already create unique experiences for their customers today. These companies tend to have three common signs of success:

  • In-depth understanding of the customer’s mindset and developing needs
  • Pioneering spirit towards the discovery and experimentation of new technologies and approaches
  • Ability to orchestrate and connect their partner ecosystem 

The vision of Industry 4.0 emphasizes the global networks of machines in a smart factory setting capable of autonomously exchanging information and controlling each other. This cyber-physical system allows the smart factory to operate autonomously.

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