Automation is not a LUXURY

Automation is not a LUXURY

DigiHut brings you World-class Solutions for a Smarter Life
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DigiHut is a leading Zoho Authorized Consulting partner in India with over a decade of industry experience and expertise. We take care of the end-end Implementation, Integration, Training, Development, Support, and Maintenance of your Zoho solutions. We’re driven by the passion to help businesses grow by providing world-class solutions. Being a proud partner of Zoho, DigiHut has the best Zoho consultants in the team who have strong experience and expertise in handling multiple projects from startups to enterprises. We cater our services across geographies and verticals. DigiHut helps you choose the right Intelligent – Workflow Automation solutions from over 65+ products from the Zoho suite.

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We take care of your end-end Implementation & Services of Zoho Solutions

Zoho Consulting Partner | Best Zoho Implementation & Services

Zoho – Your Business Operating System

Our experienced consultants understand the Zoho products well and assist you to implement them into the various functions of your business process. The Zoho solutions offer web and mobile-based applications that help businesses have constant access to their data. We help businesses by providing fully customized automation solutions that really help them achieve their vision & mission.


Solutions that can help your organization grow smarter..
Zoho Consulting Partner | Best Zoho Implementation & Services

Zoho Help Desk

Zoho Desk is the industry’s first – context-aware customer service software and it helps you manage your customers’ queries better. This can easily get tricky, when not done right, leaving you with less customer retention. With tools that maximize customer satisfaction, the efficiency of your services will excel. Choose the solution that fits the best for the specific industry. Our experienced Zoho Desk consultants help you implement & integrate with your business that brings a robust platform for your entire customer queries.

Zoho Consulting Partner | Best Zoho Implementation & Services

Zoho Sales & Marketing

DigiHut helps you empower your sales and marketing teams to create impactful strategies with Zoho Sales & Marketing solutions. These capture data effectively and give analytics to make better and efficient business decisions. In addition, the sales team when equipped with powerful tools and deeper customer insights can improve the buyer’s journey. The perfect set of apps from Zoho help close more business deals in less time. It includes solutions like CRM, Bigin, Campaigns, Forms, Sign, Social, SalesIQ, Survey, Marketing Automation, and many more…

Zoho Consulting Partner | Best Zoho Implementation & Services

Zoho Finance

Zoho Finance bundle comes with Books, Inventory, Invoice, Payroll, Expense, etc. Tools for operations and finance now play an important role in keeping pace with the changing markets. The integrated Finance suite of Zoho lets you cover back-office operations effectively. With multiple applications on a single platform, you will receive all the benefits from sending quicker invoices, managing multiple projects, receiving payments on time, expense reporting, accounting, being tax compliant, and more! DigiHut helps you solve industry-specific challenges, reduce cost and operate at maximum efficiency!

Key Features of Zoho Solutions

Easy to use

Zoho’s products are highly user-friendly and flexible. It doesn’t demand any technical knowledge and expertise in configuring and using. This makes Zoho different and unique from its competitors.

Save Time and Money

Zoho offers complete Automation in every solution that helps you reduce the time required to execute repetitive human tasks. It streamlines the entire activities by eliminating monotonous works and focusing on activities that really matter.

Analytics & Reports

Zoho provides you with a comprehensive overview of the activities and intelligent recommendations for improvement. It helps you make better and efficient decisions based on the deep insights from Zoho.

AI-Powered Solutions

Zoho AI – Zia, helps you handle activities in a smarter way. Zia will collect and compile the information you want, reliably display the effects of your efforts, automate your team’s humdrum operations, track anomalies, enrich module data, and many more.

Why do you choose DigiHut as your Zoho Partner?

Zoho partner - DigiHut

At DigiHut, we offer complete Zoho Business Automation solutions for organizations from startups to enterprises across verticals. Being a technology-driven company, we understand your business criticality and help you choose the right methods to overcome. We have a great team of passionate professionals who work tirelessly to give their best at work. Having experience in working with many organizations across the geographies we always try to build an ecosystem that enhances revenue and excellent customer experience.


How do we help you implement Zoho solutions in your organization?

Zoho consulting partner

Business Analysis

  • Deep analysis of your business
  • Performing competitor analysis
  • Assessing your performance matrix
  • Recording the business requirments & workflows
  • Positioning products.& services to the targeted market

Zoho consulting partner


  • Customizing solutions matching the business requirements
  • Data migartion from your existing systems with 100% data security
  • Defining workflows and process automations

Zoho consulting partner


  • Finalizing the solution with suggested changes and needs
  • Verification & Validation of each functional requirements
  • Make the system ready to go live in the market.
Zoho consulting partner

Customer service at doorstep

  • Training users at each level and make them equiped to use Zoho solutions
  • Dedicated team for remote assistance
  • Complimentary service support on all implementation servuce from DigiHut

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“When customers share their story, they’re not just sharing pain points. They’re actually teaching you how to make your product, service, and business better. Your customer service organization should be designed to effectively communicate those issues.”

Kristin Smaby

Zoho Consulting Partner | Best Zoho Implementation & Services


Why do we stand out?

Zoho Consulting Partner | Best Zoho Implementation & Services

End -End Solutions & Services

Zoho Consulting Partner | Best Zoho Implementation & Services

Unparalleled Industry knowledge

Zoho Consulting Partner | Best Zoho Implementation & Services

Unique Customer engagement model

Zoho Consulting Partner | Best Zoho Implementation & Services

Disruptive Innovation


Time is Money, Switch to Automation Solutions Now

Zoho Consulting Partner | Best Zoho Implementation & Services

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